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torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2011


Haven´t posted anything for a while simply because there hasn´t been much to tell you about.
It hasn´t been any fishing and very little tying because there has been so much to think about like my younger daughters confirmation,trying to find a new apartment,have also done a lot of extra work.
Thank god after one week I will have two weeks JUST FOR MYSELF!!! Then I will go fishing,no matter what.
The weather has been extremly hot and dry but today we had some heavy rain showers and thunder in Helsinki so hopefully the water temp has sink to a reasonable degrees.

That´s all for now,here is some photos of my latest tying,all inspirated by Simon Grahams latest posts.
Very pleased with my yellow/orange/red combo.

And I also like those not so usual combos.hope they delivering something.

These were all tied inspirated by Simon Graham and this last one was tied inspirated by Niklaus Bauers Sheephed fly even if This fly doesn´t include any Sculpin wool at all.
Tied in one of my favourit colour combo.

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