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perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Black/Silver combo tutorial.

In my last post I wrote about a big ma´m who went away with my black/silver combo or what was left of it,it wasn´t much so Now I´m forced to tie more of these.
Think it´s better to tie 4-5 at once.
If ever gonna fish in Lovisa archipelago then this is a almost "must" tie,it has been outstanding this season.
While I started to tie I thought that why not make a tutorial of it.
Have to remind you that this is only MY WAY to do it,you can tie this kind of a fly in hundred different ways.

Equipments you need:

-Fulling mill Scorpio hook size 5/0
-A bit of mono line size 0.70
-Flashmix (Silver,Light-green,Light-blue,Black,Holo-silver)
-Lateral scale in pearl color
-Raccoon in black color
-Super glue
-Bug Bond or Epoxy
-3D-Eyes silver/black
-Tying tread Big Fly (I don´t like kevlar in these type of flies because of the dubbing-loops).

1.Tie a loop back on the hook using the mono-line,then tie a mix of flash as a tail(Silver,Holo-silver).Add some Lateral scale.Make a loop of your tying tread.

2.Mix some flash of all colors and do a dubbing brush.(I use to use dubbing wax at this stage)

3.After you tied and locked the brush add some black flash as a back.

4.Now it´s time for the head of the fly and there is some different ways how to do it.
you can tie the whole strip with glue on the shank but I prefer this way:
I`m cutting of the skin using a paper clip.

5.Tie all the flash away from next step using a hair clip.

6.Do a dubbing loop and add the Raccoon from your paper clip and do a brush of it.
Whip-finish the fly.

7.Add the eyes and form a head using Bug Bond or Epoxy.I used Epoxy until Nordic Angler started to import this fantastic product called Bug Bond and I haven´t use Epoxy since then.

8.After this your fly should look something like this,ready to rock.

9.Go and get them

2 kommenttia:

  1. Joko saat myydä mulle pari tollasta tai sitten kertoa että miten saan järkevästi tehtyä tollasen dubbing brushin :D en vieläkään osaa


  2. Niin ja mitä fläsämixiä toi on? vai onko sulla nimeä enää tallessa... :D