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keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011

Waiting for the autumn fishing

Have been busy behind my vice tyin both upside down flies and preparing for the forthcoming autumn.
Watched Simon Grahams blog and saw a awsome looking fly in green/copper color combo.
I just love that combo even if I as I can remember haven´t catch a single fish with it.

Started with some olive colored bucktail,added copper flash and after that my plan changed once again,my plans seems to change now and then,that´s why my table looks like this.....once again :)

Well,back to the fly.
After copper flash I added some Body fibre in light brown color blended with peacock colored SF Flash blend.
One Micro barb on each side of the fly and more copper flash.
After that it was time for a cup of coffee thinking what the hell am I doing and trying to decide what could be the next step.
After two cups of coffee I had a plan.....
Added a bunch of tan colored bucktail tied in hollow style,

Then more Body fibre(light brown),Copper flash.
Added a bunch of red Artic fox on each side of the fly as gills.
Now I had to drink more coffee because so far I was very happy with the result but I had not a clue what I should do to next and didn´t wanted to destroy the result.
I changed my mind propably more often then a woman with her clothes but finally I decided to add a dash of Icelandic sheep in dark green color.
Still some space on the tube so a collar of olive colored Raccoon in dubbing loop(Thanks to Niklaus Bauer I always use dubbing loops these days).
Finally a head of Bug-bond(just love that stuff)with some 3D eyes and the fly was ready and here´s the result.

This fly is 24 cm long and will be tested soon but will be in more serious use later in autumn.
Don´t know why but I prefer bigger and dark colored flies without too much flash in my autumn fishing.

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