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maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

Upside down

I read an article from a magazine called Allt om flugfiske where they have studied C&R
fishing of pikes.I´m not going to try translate the whole story,not with my language skills but the point was that a group of people catched pikes with different metods
Flies,Jerkbaits,Wobblers and lures.
As hooks were used WMC 8650 treble hooks in 2/0 size.
The pikes mouth was divided to six parts.no critical areas was lips,outside,palate
while the critical areas was gills,aorta and throat.
even the bleedings was divided in three sections:none,little and massive.

871 pikes were landed and five of them died,it means under one percent.
All of those who died were hooked in a critical area with a massive bleeding.
I have always thought that a wobbler or a jerkbait with two or even three treble hooks would be the worst scenario for a fish
but to my suprise the biggest killer was spin flies,you know those flies meant to fish with spincasting equipments with usually one treble hook.

One of the most critical areas in a pikes mouth is downside where the gills join together and the ventral aorta supplies the aorta with oxygenated blood.just one stich in that area increase the bleeding a lot wich decreases survival possibilities.

The flies usually has its hook downwards so there is a risk that the hook punctures that critical area.
there is a couple of flyfishers in Sweden started to use upside down flies just to investigate if there´s any idea to use them.
Also the Allt om flugfiske magazine want some more reports from fishers using upside down flies and I decided to try them for a while and report both good and bad things.

My first thought is that even it´s a upside down fly or not the hook has been attached here and there in pikes mouth,my "normal"flies has been hooked in the upper lip and even from outside so I´m a little bit suspicious about it but I will test them to the middle of September and send a response and hopefully win a fishing day with Niklaus Bauer in Sweden :)

You can read more about the research from www.sportfiskarna.se-->miljö&fiskevård-->kunskap&fakta.

And here is my first upside down flies one on hook TMC 8089 size 2 and one one tube.
there will be a couple more of these soon.

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