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perjantai 19. elokuuta 2011

Fishing 18.8 2011 Lovisa

Even if it´s a hard to confess I was left a little bit disappointed with yesterdays session,waited a lot more contacts with fishes so I felt I just have to do a new try today.
This time I fished just two bays,one sheltered and one were the wind had pushed cooled water for more than three days now.

The weather was pretty much the same then yesterday,maybe a little bit warmer.

No need to talk about the first sheltered bay,no action at all even I spent over an hour there trying all my tricks.

The second one provides me some memorable times.
It all started pretty well not many casts before I had my first fish landed,it was a small one who have swallowed my fly badly,it took me some time to dig the fly out from it´s mouth but it slowly swim away after the off hooking.

Fished for a while,saw some small fishes jumping around here and there on the surface,got my second for today,little bigger but still size small.

Then suddenly I heard some splash on the water behind me,oh SHIT !!!!it was my first pike swimming on the surface dying.
I decided to quickly retrive my line and go and get it for dinner when there was a BIG SPLASH....and the small pike just disappeared.....Nothing I could do,I just gazed on that place where the small bugger just a second ago swimmed around.The silence was palpable.
Continued to fish with the big splash in my mind...how big was it,is it still around.
Even if I managed to land a decent sized fish 4,3 kg:s my thoughts was little mess up.

Don´t know how long I fished but suddenly I thougt I saw a BIG silhouette behind my BLACK/SILVER COMBO.As soon as I saw it it disappeared so I was not sure was it something.
I made cast after cast on the place were i saw the silhouette and suddenly BANG !!!
Fish on and immediately I new I had a train on the other end of the line, I don´t know what the hell I was thinking about when I grabbed my camera with the other hand while got the fish of my life to land.
When I saw my fighting partner I was just WOW.It was at least 100 cm:s,propably 120 cm:s,i just throwed my camera away and started to use my both hands to land the fish,
30 seconds from that my leader said snap.........and i was left stunned,I just,just..
I cant remember the first minutes after that,I was so confused,felt totally paralyzed.
After I catched my breathe I just had to call a friend of mine who also use to fish for pike and tell him about what just happend.
I used a barbless hook and really,really hope that the fly will drop of soon so this beautiful beast can go on hunting.
I fished for a two or three hours but my mind was on different planet then my body so I don´t remember much of it.
While I was driving to the dock I stopped on a place to check out if there´s somebody home,well,one pearch 630 or 670 grams,I don´t remember.

Now after one nights sleep my disappointment has slowly faded away and now my feelings are okay and I know this will be a experience that I will remember a long time,funny how the fishes you don´t manage to catch are the most memoriable

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