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keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Fishing 17.8 2011

Because of the warm summer there hasn´t been much fishing,almost every session has turn out to some kind of testing.
But today I decided to go out FISHING !!!
I had with me only my reliable Regret flies,not a single new one.
As my rod I choosed my Guideline LPXe RS v2(who has named this rod must have been out of his/her mind)
and for line I took my RIO Scandinavian pike.

The weather....It was nearly perfect,a small wind 4-5 m/s,cloudy.But the water temp
It´s still near 20 degrees and that was the biggest issue.

I decided to start fishing from the windy side on a reef in the middle of the sea but nobody home here so I moved over to the shelter side of the reef.
Fished for a while,took me a cup of coffee and a delicious pie with feta cheese,pepper and garlic,and listen to the silence for a while and started to fish once again.
Fished for a while but got my first fish for today after an hour after I changed my fly to suprise,suprise....Black/silver combo.
In cloudy conditions I use to start with black/red combo,even today but it didn´t deliver any fishes today.

Moved position to another reef but without any result not from the windy side or the shelter side so after I had fished a third reef without any action I decide to slowly drive back to the dock and fish a sheltered bay on my way back home.

Drove slowly into that bay and shutted of the engine and quitely let the anchor into the water.
Decided it was time for a cup of coffee before I continue fishing.
Fished for a while,dropped some fishes,it was fun anyway....

After I dropped so many fishes I finally managed to land one that hit my fly when I had only the leader outside from my rod so the fight was over in about 10 seconds,
a small one once again.The catches aren´t my top aim but it would be nice to land some decent sized fish soon......after all these small ones.

Not much more tell you i`m afraid except that I made a rack to dry of my flies.
Propably not a new idea for many of you but here is a photo of it anyway in case someone should be intrested

Oh yes,one more thing.Every single hit and also both landed fishes was catched with black/silver combo and after today´s session it looks like this...Not much left of it.

Think I´ll have to tie many of these.

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