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maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

Fishing 5.8 2011

As I told you in my last post I will go fishing no matter what and so I did.
I went out fishing with my second younger brother who doesn´t fish too often instead he like to build Harley Davidsons.
The weather conditions was very windy,something between 8-10 m/s I think.But we had a couple of sheltered bays in our mind Where even I could do some flyfishing,my brother fished with normal lures.

When we arrived to our first spot I followed Simons advice and just enjoyed the silence and had a cup of coffee and a sandwich before some real action.
The wind was tricky blowing from back right but I didn´t manage to attach any fly in my neck.
We fished for a while when my brother had his first fish landed,a small pike about
1 kg.
Not long after that he had his second fish landed,a giant pearch maybe 100 grams....

At this stage I felt it was time to have another cup of coffee and study my flies more seriously and decided to use my reliable black/silver flash fly and while I was attaching my fly my brother had a hit again but he lost it somehow.

Some minutes later it was my turn to say:FISH ON,and oh my this was a angry one,and after many trips with just small ones this was a decent sized maybe 4-5 kg:s.
I had it already next to the boat and was just to grip it when the fly suddenly came off and in that second i saw it the fish was gone.
Hard to say this but Tiemco 600sp hooks will soon be history.....
Well,this one wasn´t meant for me and like I wrote in my last post I don´t care,it was a nice battle anyway.

I had a plan to go fishing today but wasn´t able to do so but tomorrow will be a new try.
Still hoping for the water temp to sink a lot,it´s still near 20 degrees.
Forecasts promising a wind from 5-7 m/s cloudy and rain showers so it´s really looking good for some serious pikehunt.

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