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tiistai 19. heinäkuuta 2011


I went back to that bay on Sunday afternoon with a new flash fly inspirated by a JAK-spoon which delivered many fishes on Saturday.
There is a photo of that spoon in my last post in that very small buggers mouth and the fly looks like this:

The weather conditions was about same as on Saturday maybe not so windy.
I couldn´t land as many fishes as on Saturday but at least 4 pikes which was a little bit bigger than on saturday,think they were somewhere between 1.5-2.0 kilos.
I don´t know the reason but I felt they attacked my fly with more rage then the lures.
One of them jumped 3-4 times like a seatrout up and down before I was able to land it.

I also once again got me a "nice" sunburn.....

Anyway,bought me a bug bond kit and from now on the epoxy glue is useless.
Just tied one fly with a "bug bond Head" and I´m already a big fan of it,so easy,so clean to use,hopefully Nordic angler will keep it in stock long as possible.
This fly is tied with Slinky fibre and I have to say that I like Body fibre more than Slinky,its a little bit softer --->more movement in the water,I just have so few colours,think Nordic angler will soon have an order.....

3 kommenttia:

  1. that`s very nice fly! I thought that slinky was a very good fibre too, but even I don`t like it anymore. Bug bond sounds like really nice stuff, so i think that nordic angler is gonna get another order too :)

    We have to meet some day soon so you can teach me how to fish pike :)

  2. Have never really liked slinky although I do use and fish with it.Blending other materials with it has its plus's and negatives.The plus's are that it gives more movement to the fly but softer materials become entangled easier in a pike mouth though.
    Everyone bangs on about how flash materials never last long but through experience the tighter the dubbing brush is palmered around the tube or hook and the finer the flash material the longer the fly will last. Alao flash is extremely tooth friendly and very rarely gets matted.

  3. I prefer the Body Fibre too. Slinky feels a bit too stiff for me, but it has its advantages to be honest. I like to build a little bulk to the fly first with a bunch of slinky and then finish the fly with body fibre. Body fibre has much nicer colors, it blends nicely and looks much nicer in the water.