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keskiviikko 6. heinäkuuta 2011

The curse of the black fly

Even if the title sounds like a ghost story it´s only telling about my last fishing trip yesterday and the day before.
Not much to tell you about the trip,had only one small pike landed but this story is about the big one that escape.

The weather itself was perfect for fishing,cloudy with a wind 5-7 m/s,but the problem was water temp it was at some places +21 degrees celsius and at lowest +17 degrees so had to try to find fishes a little bit deeper than usually.
Also decided to fish late at evening and early morning when it´s a bit cooler.

I fished on a place where the sonar showed a depth from 1,2m to 7,5 meters and after almost an hour I felt someone hit the fly,and it was hit by rage,I felt immediately it was something big but after 10-15 seconds the fight was over without even an eye contact.
The only thing was left was a raped fly and once again a fly with black as main colour,coincidence or not but the last fly that was teared apart was almost identical in colours with this.

Here is a photo of the earlier fly.(Tying material is cut by me just to show the hook)

Sounds spooky :).
Also tested my Flash-flies with coneheads but Found myself in a dilemma,they dont sink fast enough(used a sink/3 line) in my opinion and don´t wanna cast heavier flies so maybe it´s time to wait till the water temp sink a bit and fish for Pearch or Bream(not sure about the English name of Lahna)for a while.

The weather here is now sunny +25 degrees not a single cloud on the sky so there will be no fishing before evening but I had a plan to go training with my floating tube so I can handle it later in autumn when I will take some trips with it more seriously.

Here is some new flies in my Flash family.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Any color is good as long as it's Black!

  2. Totally agree,seems to work in any conditions.

  3. Stay away from Fulling mills hooks mate,they have a real tendancy to bend horribly like the picture you have.