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sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

I´m stunned.

Went home yesterday from my cottage with some mixed feelings.
I understand that most of people like warm and sunny days at summer but as everything also this case have its reverse side.
It has been +25 to over +30 degrees now in many weeks which is nice when you are on vacation but while I was out on sea for two days my thoughts was OH MY GOD!!!
While the air temp rised near +30 degrees celsius the sonar showed me some incredible water temps,at lowest 23,4 degrees and at highest 26,2 degrees.
The water colour reminded me of thick pea-soup when big beds of blue-green algaes covered the whole archipelago,the surface of the sea was calm,also saw some dead fishes here and there.
At many places there was big beds of water plants where my sonar showed a depth over 4 meters.
The place where I had my PB Pike was so full of water plants that it would have been impossible to fish there,in fact I felt so sad about all this that I didn´t fish hardly at all,was just a couple of times out with my floating tube training to cast in sitting position.

Now I´m gonna cross my fingers up to my elbows that the air temp will drop a lot,also hopes for some heavy rains for a week not only for the fishes but for the whole nature.
By waiting I think I will tie some flies.

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