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lauantai 2. heinäkuuta 2011


I promised for some time ago that there would not be any flash flies for a loooooooong time....Well,I lied,I can´t explain why but I feel that my head is empty of new ideas,it all started when I decided to start to tie on tubes.
I know I could tie some more Regret-flies on tube but today I felt relaxed and peaceful so of some reason I decided to give those fuckin flash-flies a new and definetly a last chance (I know I said it all before)and to my big suprise everything went moderately well,I mean..I´m happy with the result even if it doesn´t look like a masterpiece :)
but I belive that I can get some fish with these.
Still need some training but this is at least a start,and a good one in my opinion.

Also bought me a new camera today,waterproof,shockproof ETC,ETC....
so I could take some pics later at Autumn when it´s raining and the wind is blowing.
This is also a camera I can take with me when I´m out with my floating tube.

Have study a lot fishing from floating tube lately,I have so far only went out with it in summertime but have plans to examine some places in late autumn so I might need some new stuff like warm clothes under my Waders,now I got a camera but still looking for GOOD gloves,they need to be warm and comfortable.
Well,still have time to find some.......

2 kommenttia:

  1. Your flash flies are very nice, greetings.

  2. Thank you for your kind words,these flies has been so difficult for me to tie and finally I feel I have made some progress with them.
    Still training :)......