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torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2011

Some arrangement.

Sorry for not posting anything for a while but to tell you the truth there hasn´t been too much to write about.
I haven´t been out fishing because of the weather,first too hot then too windy but hopefully I will be able to go fishing late on Friday evening or early on Saturday morning,have some plans with my brother.
I haven´t even tied a single fly for over a week.

Now,confess that you are at least a little bit curious what the hell I have done the whole week.........

Well,I have made some bigger arrangements with my tying corner,the corner will be a room!
I don´t have any Photos from where I started but it has been a hell of a job to do,
not ready yet but before winter it should be ready with a new TV and DVD-player,comfortable couch where I can watch football(soccer)or my fishing movies
and a big tying place and also room for all my fishing and tying stuff.

Here is a photo after three trips to our local dump.

Still two or three trips before I can take new furnitures in.
My new tying table has been a little bit messy for a while but slowly there will be some room to do something.

I left a small consol behind my tying table where I put allready some of my stuff like some reels and lines and my fishing films,books.
The lower part is full of "very important" fishing magazines.

I have for while wonder what to do with my Flashabou´s,not good to store in boxes and today was the day to fulfill my plan that has been in my head for a looooooong time now,I´m very pleased with the result.

Easy to find what you are looking for,or to see what you got in stock,I really think this arrangement will work.
I will update this "project" soon but now I`m gonna focus for some fishing at weekend.

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