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perjantai 1. heinäkuuta 2011

On tour.

Went home from my Vacation tour from a warm sunny Sweden this morning to a if possible a warmer and sunnier Finland with a temp around 30 degrees celsius.
Of course my trip included some visits to different fishing stores starting from a big shop called Berras outdoor in Stockholm where I did my first shopping including some tying material.

After some kilometers and many cups of coffee I arrived to one of my favourite shops in Örebro:Sportfiske & Outdoor where I bought some more material and talked a while with the owner.
Not much more to tell about the rest of the trip except the visit at Fiske och Fritid in Karlstad where I filled my tying material bags even more.
Here is the result of my tour in Sweden.

As you can see I bought me some new hooks to compete with Tiemco 600sp,they are Gamakatsu F 314,also interested to try those Fish sculls,think they are the same that Simon use?
Anyway,I haven´t called or answered my cellphone for a week,not neither touched a computer,or checked my e-mail so I have some withdrawal symptoms :).
Almost immediately after I arrived home I finished some old flies and tied more,
living in a hope that tomorrow I will drive to my cottage and do some pikehunt.
One thing that can ruin my plans is the forecast wich says that there might be some thunder but if it will be then I might just rest and tie some flies again....

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