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lauantai 16. heinäkuuta 2011

Fishing 16.7 2011

Went out fishing with my brother this morning at Lovisa archipelago.
Got my own boat on trailer so we used our small Sun Buster instead.Left the dock at
7 AM and the weather was pretty good for some pikefishing,a small breeze,cloudy with some rain showers now and then.Air temp around +15 degrees celcius,don´t know about the water temp,it was still warm but much colder then last trip.

We decided to start on a place where we haven´t fish before at this year,it´s a rock pile in the middle of the sea and there has usually been fishes at this time a year.
The water depth is from 3-10 meters so instead of flyfishing I did some spincasting and jerkbait fishing instead.

We get some fishes even if my brother said that this will not work.
After an hour or so we went to a familiar place to see if there would be somebody home,a shelter shallow bay where flyfishing was possible,my brother tried with jerkbaits but because of the water plants it wasn´t so funny,the fly worked very well,delivered two pikes in 15 minutes.

While we were driving to our third spot we decided to give a whole new place a chance were we had often passed but never fished before.

Because it was a new place for both of us we both used spincasting equipments so we could quickly fish the whole area and see if there´s anybody home.
What I really miss in all new places is my sonar to see water depth and the shape of the bottom but this boat don´t got one so it was just to try fishing.

Three pikes later we decided to go on but I don´t know how we went so adventurous and instead of a familiar place we once again ended up on a totally new place,a sheltered strait between two islets which looked good but was empty of fishes....

And after that we decided to go to our planned spot but very soon we found out that there wasn´t any fishes there either and the wind had started to blow heavier now so we started slowly to drive back to the dock.
The wind blowed for at least 9-10 m/s and the waves went bigger so we took a new course back home.
I don´t know why or who´s idea it was but we went in to a very windy bay whit a lot of rocks and waterplant,we anchored in the middle of the bay and I think by the anchor rope the depth was about 2 meters and start fishing.
Very quickly we found out that this was a jackpot,the size was from XS to S but there was a lot of fish,about 20-30 minutes and at least 15 fishes,I made my new record:4 casts ---> 4 landed pikes in a row.

The last fish was probably the smallest pike I ever have catch.

My brother had an appointment so we couldn´t stay longer,what a shame ,I have a feeling that somewhere in that bay was the big one just waiting for me,I might get back tomorrow to make a new try.
I don´t know how many pikes we landed today but somewhere between 25-30 I think,it was a nice trip even if it wasn´t so much flyfishing and the size was small.I will be back to the new places with my flyrod now when the places are tested and found out that there is fishes.

While I wrote this my brother called me and said we landed totally 28 pikes ?????
Don´t know and don´t give a shit about how many we landed but it was fun :).

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