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perjantai 28. tammikuuta 2011

Smells like spring.

As I told you yesterday i got a Idea of my smaller flies I turned the idea into a fly and the model looked like this:

And plese let me introduce its big brother,it looks like this:

The big brother is tied on a TMC 911s 3/0 hook and maybe not so suprisingly I used Raccoon as tying material,I´m very happy with the result,like those colours and think it´s very fluffy too.

I´m in a superb mood today,the reason is that for the first time since November I had a pretty easy day at work.
I was able to finish one job before starting another and was also able to have a COFFEE BREAK !!! I`ll drink coffee every day but today I had a break.
All this + a little bit of sunshine and heard some birds singing made feel so good and happy.

Smells like the spring is on it´s way after all.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Are you sure it was just coffee, Djuza? ;)
    I’ve send you another mail. I hope you’ll receive it this time.

  2. Hi,
    now we've checked your blog up and added you to my favourite list. And we are really looking for seeing you again and will come fishing with you if you only promise that you won't get mad when I catch the biggest fish ;)
    Päivi + Make

  3. Thank you Make&Päivi.No I ´ll never get angry if some of my friends get´s a BIIIIIG fish so welcome on board next summer :)

    Hi Stefaan,Oh yes,I recived your mail and sorry it took me a little while to answer,had a "small"hangover yesterday,this time it wasn´t just coffee.... :)