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lauantai 1. tammikuuta 2011

New year,new tricks

First of all i want to wish all of you a happy new year,hopefully your rods will be benbed and your lines tight in the coming year,I was allready sleeping when 2010 become to 2011 but today I have almost been busy, I´ve tied two flies today,first I planned to tie some flash-flies but as so often I changed my mind in last minute.
My boss told me that there will not be work tomorrow so maybe I could tie them then.

So,the first one is tied on a Mustad 34011 3/0 hook,the tail is big fly fibre,some flash,white and olive coloured Raccoon zonker,and spiced with some micro barbs (now when i finally got them).

The background wasnt the best choice for this fly,it looks very small but its actually 22cm long.

The second one is also tied on a Mustad hook.
The tail is 12cm long purple rabbit zonker strips and the body is suprisingly raccoon zonkker purple and white.

Have also cheked out my tying materials to find out if ther´s something that I need to buy but no,i´ve got everything that I need for now,also cheked my flies and finded out that flash flies and some baitfish pattern flies is all that i just have to tie before the season opener.

On my buying list in fishing equipment is for now only a Vision big daddy line,first i thought even to buy the rod too but decided to not,allready got a Hardy Zane,Vision GT4,Guideline ACT4 Couple of TFO:s rods,and if i dont get along with these I´ve got three Flextec rods so,NO,not before I get rid of some older rods i wont buy any......I think......At least I want to test it first...

4 kommenttia:

  1. Mistä sä tilasit noi micro barbsit?

  2. A very happy new year to you too, Djuza! May your rod splinter to pieces on a 50 lb pike on your first fishing day, that way you will surely forget about the ice this winter, and have a perfect reason to buy a new rod! :)

  3. thank´s for your kind words,
    Marko:huutonetistä huusin,Mistpoolista ollut tosi pitkään loppu.