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tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011

Something else.(Suprise...)

Yeah,I know,I know,I promised to tie some new flash flies but once again suprisingly I´ve changed my plans.
Actually i dont even know for sure where I got this crazy vision,well,after I saw those Replot stingers I have started to use more and more of different zonker strips,
thanks to Simon for that,Simon is also to "blame"for my using of Icelandic sheep.
Craft fur then...I guess I dont have to explain,I mean if you tie pike flies I´m sure all of us must have heard of it.

The head tied in muddler style,The inspiration came from Stefaans flies so thanks to him.
Even if it dont look good as Stefaans VERY GOOD LOOKING flies I´m very pleased with my own because its my first contact with Deer hair and muddler style.
Also find it very intresting to see the action in the water due to craft fur witch is very heavy material VS deer hair witch should be floating.

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  1. Nice fly , Djuza, and thanks for the kind words (actually, I don’t think I’m as good as you keep telling, but it is flattering!)
    Your fly won’t float, because you didn’t you use much deer hair, nor will it dive, because of the shape you’ve cut it. But when retrieving it, the deer hair won’t lay flat like other material, so it will move a lot of water, which pike can feel very good. Plus, when you stop retrieving, other flies tend to glide a bit further, this one will stop faster, but the rest of the fly will want to go further. This will make the fly go from left to right (like a jerkbait), which is interesting as well.