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torstai 13. tammikuuta 2011

Dubbing brush.

I have planned for a long time now to build a "dubbingbrush machine"but,but....have been too busy and blaah,blaah....but today I made my first bubbing brush,not a machine,just the brush.
As soon as I get more time I must build a machine,the opportunities are almost unlimited with it,different colour combos etc,etc.
Still have to think what kind of material to use,this one is tied with angel hair.
Like the colour but there´s no volume in the fly.Anyway I will definetly continue to build more dubbing brushes.

3 kommenttia:

  1. The finer the material the less volume you get. Inter disperse thicker heavier strips in between finer stuff. If your making a brush out of flash, start with the longest pieces first then as you apply more materials shorten the length of them as well.

  2. Thank´s for your advice,I´ve have always put some bucktail under first,it´s the only way i´ve know :).

  3. The dubbing brushes are great! I've done some experimenting with a thin copper wire and I'm going to get some stainless steel wire for me.

    One interesting material to increase volume is the fibers from a cheap feather duster. Four different colors of synthetic fibers for less than one euro, not too expensive to experiment with. Fibers are a bit stiff, but hold their shape very well. After all, it can always be used for cleaning, in case it doesn't work....