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torstai 27. tammikuuta 2011

Chasing silver

I got a weird idea today.Remember last summer when I caught a pike about 80-85cm weight around 3-4 kg:s,it had swallowed my fly so deep that I had to take it for dinner.When I was gutting it I finded out it had in its mouth and stomach many,probably 30-40 very small fishes,about 3-4cm long,dont know what fishes it was but those small fishes inspirated me to tie a little army of these.
They are tied on a Daiichi 2546 SW hook size 1.
As material I used bucktail and fox.The body is mylar tube and selfbuilded dubbing brushes.The flies is 4-6cm long.

The moore that I look at them I got a feeling that they could also work for Seatrouts,you know the fairy-tale creature.
Maybe I will this spring sacrifice one pike hunting weekend for silver torpedos.

It was very difficult to start tying these small flies after I have tied pike flies for so long.
The best thing with these flies is that I got some ideas that I´m gonna use on my pike flies.

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  1. Those look great!

    I would try those for seatrout, perch and ide as well. Seatrout fishing has proven to be difficult for the past years, luckily I have a chance to fish ide, chub and asp instead. They all can be challenging to catch with a fly, but sometimes they'll eat anything you have to offer.

    Those monster ides can be caught even when fishing for pike in the seawater. In the early summer, they tend to be swimming in the pike territory. If water is clear, you can see those fat bastards swimming in the shallow bays. However, they don't offer any kind of a serious battle with a 9wt outfit.