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tiistai 1. helmikuuta 2011

Tying Ice wing.

Just showing small signs that the spring is on it´s way and I´m allready tying flies for summer,crazy,isn´t it?
Anyway,I use to fishing with smaller size of lures at summertime so why would I not do the same with flies either?
I have also noticed that in cold water in spring or autumn the fly need to have a lot more attractive movement when you stripping the line much more slower than in warm water,that´s why I think it´s justified to use natural materials in cold water.

In warm water I often stripping the line with both hands very fast using the technique:"take it or leave it" and it very often works specially in the middle of the summer so thats one reason I tied these flies with Ice wing,don´t need so much movement then.
These flies still waiting for a epoxy head witch I´m going to make tomorrow.
Need to work with the heads to get them some kind of imbalance onthe flies and hopefully I´ll get some jerkbait action.

These flies are also planned to use with some lighter line class from #6 - #8 at maximum,that´s why I use different hook as I use to.
For these flies I used a Tiemco 8089 #2 instead of my favourite 911s.
The gap is pretty big on this hook.

And as the title says the tying material is Ice wing,very messy stuff.All my clothes sparkles like a christmas tree.
But the clock is ticking and I got an early wake up tomorrow so without more bullshit:here they are.

And as an ending,two,maybe two and a half months to the season opener.
Would like to write about fishing instead of fly tying.

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  1. Nice streamers, specially red one! I gues target fish is still pike? I use only 8089 hooks with pike flies because they are light and easier to throw with #5 fly rod :)

  2. Moi Katchu,kyllä nämä on hauelle suunnattu.Tuo 8089 on mielestäni yksi monikäyttöisimmistä koukuista,tuo iso kita tosiaan mahdollistaa kivasti koukun käyttöä kevyemmillä kamoilla hauen kalastuksessa,ja sama koukku 6# ja hieman vähemmän materiaalia ja avot,sulla on oiva meritaimen perho.