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keskiviikko 5. tammikuuta 2011

Something new,something old

Told you here couple of days ago that I cheked out my tying materials if there is something that I would desperatly need (damn,there wasn´t anything).
I found in my Marabou bag between all feathers a material called Pseudo marabou and after i digged in my memory for a while I remember that i have tied some flies with it,guess if I know where the flies are now....That´s right,no I dont remember,but let´s see if I have some photos of them....

So,I found this one but cant remember if I have fished with them ever.
Also very hard,almost impossible to find any patterns or tutorials of anybody using this material.

And here is another one,bigger I think ?

My intrest for marabou is rising again after a while,I stopped fishing with them because they went so heavy when thy got wet but now my casting technique is much better then a couple of years ago (hopefully)so it might be worth a try to take them from the box again and give them a real chance.
I think they look pretty good anyway.

Or what do you think?

Looking at my photos found out that Icelandic sheep is a very naughty material....

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