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keskiviikko 19. tammikuuta 2011

Weird colour combos

I started yesterday thinking of my fly tying,wonder why I feel like my head is completly empty of ideas,one idea came to my mind and that is:why do I always tie with the same colour combos? I don´t know...I think I will try to find out some weird,different combos for variation.

The problem might be to find a "not too weird" combo because if it´s too weird then i will have no trust for the fly and if there´s no trust then propably I will not fish with it either.
An another problem is that the materials i like to tie with don´t got so many colours so there will not be too many combos to choose,take for example Icelandic sheep,I think I´ve got 4 or 5 colours,Raccoon 4,5 maybe six colours.
Maybe I´ll have to give slinky and other syntethics more chances.

It is a very big help to read all you other guys blogs and get inspiration and advices of tying techniques and different materials,I mean without Simons advices I would probably never get in touch with Icelandic sheep or Raccoon witch both are now my favourite materials.

I got a hell of a inspiration to sit behind the vice for while but after todays work (13 hours)both my body and mind aches so i just have to hope that there will be no snowfalls this weekend.

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