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maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2016

Fishing Sept.24 2016

So,after last weekends awesome fishing I had some mixed feelings when I was rigging my kayak on a pitch black shore in a shine of a head lamp at 5 am.
Had high hopes but on the other hand it felt too good to be happen too often.33 pikes on one day doesn't happen every day,at least for me.
Have had a quick breakfast in form of coffee and a sandwich while I was driving so I was ready in just minutes to hit the water,a result of lot of practice here.

My planning for this ordinary Saturday fishing started right after I finished last time fishing.
It started in form of some fly tying,unfortunately I could not tie all the flies I had in mind because the post office managed to lost one of my packages but could tie at least three new flies.

Flies I was missing was some "bottom crawlers" but you all know it isn't too hard to go deep so no big deal,Sink lines and XXL coneheads work too.

Noticed a comparatively hard wind already early in the morning and I knew it was to increase later but didn't wanted to worry about things I could not affect to.

Pretty long way to paddle and even if I had some tail wind it took me about 35 minutes before I arrived to my first spot.

First cast and almost immediately BAM and a big swirl was all I saw and unfortunately also what I got,new cast and this time I managed to hook her up,what a start.

After this I moved maybe 50 meter further,anchored and not many casts before I landed my second fish.(not a monster but think she was the biggest of the day?)

I fished a reed bank about 3 kilometer long and landed a hefty 17 fishes in just maybe one and a half hour,decided it was time for a coffee break,felt I deserved it.

Weather start to be a bit chilly here so I decided to take a walk to get circulatory working again,got some fever and flu so it felt colder than it actually was.

Some of you might know I have travel a lot when I worked as a technical worker for many years,I have seen so many beautiful countries but to see these kinda sights always make me speechless,

For me there's nothing more beautiful than Finnish rugged archipelago at fall,it's just too hard to capture the feeling on pics,it's something that you need to undergo by yourself.

After a break I continued to hammer the same reed bank,fishing became a bit slower so I tried different flies,also downsized them a bit but no matter what,one fly was just outstanding.

At this point the fly looked a bit hammered but still going strong.
Think i was up to 20 pikes landed when my friend arrived and we continued along the bank further up,actually we continued further up so we came to a totally new area and even if fishing had become slower we managed to land more fishes.

Nasty scars on this one.

This was fun even if the size wasn't XL.
I was up to 37 pikes when I decided to go only for size,my friend came behind,I fished from a drifting yak while my friend fished from anchored one,this is a boring place to fish which often result in nothing or big.
Don't know how many casts before I felt an angry take but missed that one a quick new cast and now I hooked her,not a monster but a decent sized at least.

Minutes later I dropped one and soon after I heard some curse words behind me,my friend had a heavy hit on his McRubber but it all ended in a shredded lure and a dropped fish.

I was about to take a new drift but changed my mind and went in among reeds instead,I went a bit greedy here...two fishes from 40......

Number 39 came actually pretty quick but clock was ticking and we were in the twilight already and 5-6 km to paddle,I was hungry,I was tired and my shoulder and my wrist was aching pretty bad,Should always remember to keep those damn breaks now and then,even when fishing is good...
Decided to drift along a reed bank on our way back,very soon my friend landed a fish 6,5 kilo/93 cm  which was the biggest of the day,I felt I was loosing focus because of tiredness,fever and aching muscles,dropped two but managed to finally land my fish number 40

Now it was time to put an end on the fishing and paddle back,it was pitch black when I went out and it was pitch black when I came back,
I haven't felt so exhausted after fishing for a long time,16 hours of casting big flies and almost 17 km paddling nearly killed me.Driving back home 40 km was a pain in the ass,unpack all your gear etc,etc...pheeew...
but after all,I would lie if I was saying it wasn't fun,it really was,one of my fly was badly hammered,actually so bad there wasn't much left of it except the wiggle tail

And of course "Pike fingerz" is a sign of a good day.

Fishing just can't keep going this way,it just have to get at least a bit worse but at the moment I'm gonna enjoy it and have collect some inspiration to tie some new flies and as soon as I get more material I will tie some Niklaus Bauer inspired "bottom crawlers" too.

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