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tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2016

Fly tying

At some point I made a promise I would not tie flies during the fishing season but that was before I bought Bob Popovics new book and enthuse over all kinda bucktail ties,not long ago I used bucktail only to get volume in my flies,nowadays it's the most important material for me,also Andy Warshawer and Jari Koski,Jussi Laitala among many others has been a great inspiration for my tying lately not to mention a Finnish Facebook group "Hauen perhokalastajat"/Northern pike fly fishing Finland with so many great tyers and ideas,it's a AWESOME !!! group.
So no wonder why I have been so excited about fly tying lately.

If I only had patience to tidy everything afterward,it can be kinda annoying to start create a vision you had for some days when your lab looks like this.
Even if I have tied more of different bucktail ties I have also tried on some synthetics and some "Bauer style" flies,both on tubes and hooks.

These are tied using Pike Skinz synthetic fibre,from Jerkbaitmania UK.I like their big amount of colors.
They also got a new product,"Bucktail blend" which I'm waiting to get my hands on.

Haven't tied much of tube flies lately Because I got a LOT !!!! of them.
Wrote some time ago it's soon time to start using them and thought it cold be good to sort them out a bit and was a bit surprised how many I had in same colors,well,have to say I love copper,gold,greenish colors anyway so I guess you can never have too many.

I have also started to fish more with a pattern we tied on Niklaus Bauer tying course,and with good results so I had to tie some more,with a little twist,more light dressed.

And as you can see it's also in brown/copper color =D
But hey,tied one in other colors too.

But a pattern I have tied most this season is absolutely variants of Bob Popovics "Beast fleye" imo a superb pattern for my fishing,easy to cast,good profile and catch so well,hard to beat even if it's a bit tricky to tie but after some practicing and good tips from the maestro himself has helped me a lot and nowadays I find it well worth the effort to tie these pike magnets,have also ventured to try out some different materials beside the bucktail in these ties like ostrich etc...

 I have started to blend more different colors which give me some more cool color options.
Noticed that when blending bucktail I have it very easy to "overdress" the fly but think I have sort of overcome that issue after I recieved a imo very good tip from a experienced tyer.
Simply just cut and blend ready bunches before tying them,easy to check both size and colors,it also makes my tying faster.

Also got a very useful tip of try to tie this pattern more sparse,and even if I thought I could not go more sparse I tried and found out that I could go much more sparse,I mean it's amazing how sparse bundles you can tie on this pattern and still get the big profile I'm looking for.

Very happy of all kind tips I have received from so many tiers out there,can't describe the feeling when I feel happy to take a seat behind the vice,not forced to tie something.

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