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tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2016

Fly tying

Have been so excited lately when fishing has been so good and excitement have also spread out over my fly tying which I think is pretty normal.
Got me a awesome package from http://www.jerkbaitmania.co.uk/ filled with some goodies and of course I wanted to tie up something.

I have tied with the traditional "Pike Skinz" fibre before but like always,when you get your hands on some new packages you just have to......
Here's something I came up with.

All in one portrait.

Fished with these tubes last weekend with good results.They get a awesome action with a conehead in front.

What I'm really excited about is the new "Bucktail blend" (not sure if it's official name) a synthetic fiber which is pretty cool to tie in with bucktail,gives a lot of movement and volume,got a lot of it in different colors so I will surely do some experiments this fall.

Here's one fly were I used it to add some size and volume on it,also added a wiggle tail on this so it measure +12 inch and I really have high hopes on this.

It's articulated.
Rear hook on a Varivas Big mouth 5/0 and front hook on a Sakuma 545 5/0
4 bunches of bucktail + blends
Jumbo slim Wiggle tail

That's all for now,hopefully this week will end quick enough,I'm burning for going out swing these flies for all big mam's out there.

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