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tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2012

Fishing 24 & 25.11 2012

                                                 Day one

Weekend is over and and looking at forecasts it might have been my last time for this season.From Wednesday to Sunday snow and up to -8 degrees is going to freeze all my spots were I would be able to go with my floating tube.

Anyway,as you can see from the title I was fishing both Saturday and Sunday And I wanted to share my experiences from those days with you.

Was very early at the shore on Saturday morning.Had plenty of time to get my stuff ready before there was light enough to get out floating.
Weather was nice for fishing,rainshowers,water temp 3-5 degrees air temp 4-5 degrees and cloudy and dark.Tee only thing that was missing was wind,in front of me was a total calm suurface of the sea.
The only good thing with no wind is that it´s much easier to maneuver the floating tube.
I had a specific bay in my mind so I didn´t fished so carefully among all reed on my way to it but still landed couple of small buggers on that short way to it.
Also got one pike landed while trolling with my fly.

While I was fishing a shoreline closing in on that bay a boat with two fishermen drove into that bay right in front of my nose and started to fishing.
Immediately they started to get pikes,not any big guns but anyway...
They killed every single fish they got and after some time I just couldn´t watch that slaughter anymore so I started to think out a plan B.
Because there was no wind at all I decided to take a ride round the whole island because I knew some nice spots on that route.
Have to say it was a nice trip to do,I mean,I had been there before but with a boat but with a tube you can get much closer to all nice pockets among water plants.

Landed some fishes now and then and when I got cold I went out from water and had som sandwiches and juice,just sitting on a rock and watched the landscape,man I love this time of year at our beautiful archipelago.

As you can see there´s not much of wind here.
After my "dinner" I fished this small bay for a while but I had to slowly go back before dark.
I spent almost ten hours fishing  so I felt kinda exhausted when I arrived home just in time for a warm sauna and a cold beer.I felt really relaxed.

                                                         Day two.

While writing this I can sat that my season is over almost certainly. -20 degrees and 20 cm snow for next week so I guess it´s soon time for some kind of summary for this season,sad but true.

Anyway,I was about to tell you about day two.Have to admit that my warm bed felt like a reckoned option instead of cold wet clothes but I knew that there would not be many trips anymore so I dragged my aching body out to the sea,decided to go to the "slaughterbay" first and then on my way back check out couple of spots.I was on the calm side of an island and not surprisingly without any contacts but as soon as I came to the windy side I landed my first one.

Fished in that bay but only one contact in over two hours wasn´t exactly what I was looking for so I decided to go back in that wind again to try my luck.
On my way out from the bay I caught one more which was the last catch for the season.

Sorry once again for the clumsy release,had hardly no sense in my fingers at all so....
Went slowly back following the shoreline and fishing but there was no more contacts at all,both my legs and fingers was frozen so I decided to give up.
Went home to Sauna and bubble bath.Had already on Sunday a feeling that this was my last session for the season so now there will be fly tying,boat maintenance and repair for....3.....4.....maybe up to five months,
Man this sucks......

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  1. If you check out my blog you will see I'm Pike fishing at this time of the year.

    Nice blog am following.



  2. Hello Johan, I like too these archipelago photos.
    Nice site for pikes