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tiistai 20. marraskuuta 2012

Fishing 17.11 2012

We decided with Pietro earlier at the  week to go for a floating tube session on sat 17.11 and after some coffee at a gas station we went down to the shore and  noticed a nearly perfect weather conditions for both fishing and floating,six,maybe seven degrees air temp,probably close the same in water.
No rain in sight but foggy and cloudy.
We trampled the short way over a channel to some good looking places and started to fish.
I made one difference to my usual starters and started with dark colored flies,one that was tied just for this trip.
But no contacts with this one,Pietro had some brighter colors but no hits on his flies either so we decided to move on a little bit and soon arrived to a long but narrow channel  were I last session had many contacts.This time there was a heavy flow and at least I had some difficulties to maneuver my floating tube so I felt pretty exhausted when I finally reached a shelter bay.

Pietro who is younger and is in better shape than I fished more accurated in the channel but no contacts for him neither.
This bay was sheltered and super shallow no more than 80cm water on it´s deepest part.
I moved close among the shoreline and headed my casts away to the middle of  the bay when I heard a splash 20 cm:s from the shoreline.A rapid perfunctory cast close to were I heard the splash and before I started to retrive the line I had my first contact for the day.

This was probably the smallest catch for the season so far but the game was on.
Pietro also landed his fist one close from were I also got mine.

Clock was ticking and we decided to slowly let the flow take us back but of some reason I moved to an another channel and after a while I thought I saw  an even better looking place and moved further away and after a while still further and after some time we both were at very good looking place fishing in a pretty heavy wind.
It would have been easy to let the waves and flow take over and just drift back to the shore we were so close to another sheltered bay at this moment so we decided to check this out as a last mission for the day.
I tested different flies but with no success until I found my Pink/Chartreuse fly (SBS earlier in this blog) and almost immediately I started to catch some fishes,or almost catched.Dropped too many this session.

All pikes were barely attached,not any rage in the attacks  so that might be one reason.Several times I thought my fly was among some waterplants and ups..it was a fish,
Anyway,it´s autumn and the water is cold and we had been in the water for several hours without any break at all,darkness was on it´s way and it started to rain so we decided to start moving back,just before we left Pietro landed a fish but a small one this too.
On the way back to the shore I had a heavy hit on my fly but dropped this also without any eye contact but this one felt like a better one,not a twenty pounder but maybe ten....Who knows.

Even if the tube drifted almost by itself back to the shore I was exhausted.It took me some minutes before I even could walk But the positive thing was that I didn´t freeze at all.
The biggest positive for me was that I really enjoyed this trip,no moaning about all dropped fishes,it was just awsome to go out fishing with good company.Really looking forward to go out again and if it´s about the forecasts then I can set my sights on next weekend.

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