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lauantai 3. marraskuuta 2012

Float tube 3.11 2012.

So...What can I say,went out with my floating tube this morning with a hurry no one has never seen before,I forgot my lunch bag,I forgot my wallet but those  things were not important.
I had my fly rod,my tube,immersion suit ETC,ETC.....Only things that count´s.
Went to the shore just some minutes over 7am,small breeze,heavy rain,dark clouds and fog,what more could a pike angler  ask for.
In no time I was ready and heading out to my first spot,had my Black/ Silver combo ready for some action and not long after that I arrived to the first spot I landed my first mam,a big fat but very lazy.
Fished from a drifting tube and landed some fishes when I suddenly remembered...My camera,almost forgot I had a helmet cam with me,put it on and continued fishing when suddenly BANG a heavy hit on my fly and immediately the cam on --->

Even if this was a small one it put some pressure on my rod,the fight was over in some minutes and I was slightly disappointed when I saw it was a small one,thought it was bigger.

Even the best sessions have to end at some time,so even this.Eight hours fishing with nearly twenty landed pikes,biggest 6,4 kg (unofficial) and many between tree to five kg:s so have to say it was a pretty memorable day.
Here´s some photo shoots from today´s session.

Not too many photos but the water temp around six degrees kept my fingers in my pockets as much as possible

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