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keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Electronics in fishing.

Anybody remember the time when you just grabbed your rod,your tacklebox and jumped in your boat or took a walk to the shore and started to fishing ?
Not that you couldn´t do it again anytime but how many of you honestly do it anymore ?
A lot of electronics has come to our fishing or in some equipment close to it to stay as a natural part of it.
Cameras,mobile phone,hands free stuff to it,sonar,navigator and trolling motors for boat use and not so usual but still excisting reel that start to spooling your line just by pushing a button.With a fish on it also handle the brake if there´s too much tension on the line.
Someone likes a "helping" hand in your fishing and someones don´t,my opinion goes pretty much in middle of it.
I´m using a hands free ear-bud while fishing,on my I-phone you can find a app called fiske loggen where you can do some notes About your cathces including weather conditions etc,etc...,I have camera with me,a waterproof made for though conditions attached to my boat with a rubber legged stand,very handy and cheap.

It really help you if you´re alone in the boat and land your dream fish,instead of pics like this

you can have pics like this,it really makes a difference :)

Newest member in my "Electronic" family is a GoPro hero helmet cam and have to admit it´s nice to watch videos after your fishing,you will deffinately see more videos here on my blog next season,and to be honest I think that even if it nice to watch photos videoclips is the natural trend to let you live your moments again in the long cold winter.

I´m also hoping to have a Minn kota bow motor with I-pilot installed on my boat next season and some update to my sonar/navigation system should also be done but these two is in my long term plans,needs to fix all the necessary things first.

Still working on my allrounder fly,trying different variations,trying to make a compromise of
-Easy to cast
-Big profile
-Good and nice movement
-Made for shallow water

Got some different solutions which will be tested on Saturday,so stay tuned.

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