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tiistai 6. marraskuuta 2012

Still some hope for next weekend.

Weekend is over and the fishing also for at least a week,just watched at forecasts from TV and I heard a chocking news,we will have a heavy snowfall here in southern parts of Finland.
News like these always cause some nervous palpitation in me,is my season over,still living in hopes of some sessions with my floating tube.

The biggest issue with the snowfall right now is can i get my boat to any workshop.I don´t wanna drive with a trailer in slippery conditions.
Would love to have this repair done this autumn.

If not,it´s gonna be a busy spring.
Have some plans to equip my boat more suitable for fishing but have first to see how much money it will take to fix all the necessary things.

Noticed that surprisingly I can´t take equal amount of flies in my tube as I use to have in my boat so I have tried to figure out some kind of a allrounder fly in my best colors and tied up some test flies which hopefully will be tested next weekend,at least the "bath test" was pretty promising But I will come to this after I have introduced the flies to the judges next weekend.

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