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keskiviikko 5. joulukuuta 2012

Hard times

Only two weeks behind without fishing and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms,don't know why this winter seems to be very hard,much harder then before,I mean...I'm here but I don't feel I'm living.
It seems to be a long winter this year,we had our first snowstorm here last week with wind up to 35 m/s and 40 cm:s snow.
This week hasn't been much better,not so much snow but -15 degrees cold.
I have tried to cure myself with fly tying but....I don't know.....I'm not in right mood for that either right now,thank god christmas is right behind the door so I get something else to think about then feel sorry for myself.
Can't find more to nag about,have to wait for the feelings to calm down before I will do some kind of a summary of this season and some maintenance to my reels and to my boat,washing my lines Etc,Etc...also time to repair all things at home that has been with less attention like to paint my fireplace.
That's all for right now,here is some latest ties which have to wait a long time before they will be introduced to the judges next spring.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Too much snow¡
    Like others ... great flies.

  2. Johan.

    I'm really into my Fly Pke fishing now. Do you have any good suggestions for surface patterns, like Poppers???

    1. Hi Richard.I tried this method more seriously this autumn so I have to say that I have very little experience about it.I have tied some poppers but mostly I have fished with a "Sheephead"fly and a floating line.It will swim just under the surface so you can see all the attacks on the fly which in my opinion is the best part of this method.You can find the Sheepheadfly from youtube,tied by the "master" Nklaus Bauer.