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perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2012

One more for the road.

As it seems to be right now the forecasts has promised me at least one trip for this season which is planned to be at Saturday,+6 degrees,small breeze and rain so not just be able to go for some fishing,even the weather seems to give me a good chance to get some catches.
Was to Lovisa yesterday but only to get my boat out of water and now it´s on trailer at my brothers frontyard waiting for some measures to be made so all fishing for the rest of the season will be from a floating tube which will be nice,it gives you a new perspective to your fishing by getting much closer to the fishes and allow you to fish out places which is impossible with a boat.
So,am I excited ? Oh fuckin yes !!!!! I really am,gonna enjoy every minute of my time spent on water.
Also got some new ties made.Big hopes on my Black/silver combo here without a conehead so hoping to be able for some long stops in shallow areas.

Probably will also try out some poppers with a slow sink line to see if it still work.
Got me a "pearch" pattern tied with some extra flash in case of muddy water.

Gonna go with one rod,one reel (cassette)three lines classed floating,intermediate and a sink2.These equipments should cover most of the situations I can think of.
Two days to go.....

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