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maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2012

Fishing 10.11 2012

Was lucky to be able to go fishing last weekend.It felt very nice even if the weather conditions was freezing cold,but this time a very heavy wind was a bigger issue then the cold.
I went to the shore about 7.15 am,twilight and a air temp around one,maybe two degrees,watched at those massive waves banging the shore endlesly and decided to lay out my floating tube from a less windy place even if I had a bit longer way to my scheduled spots.
After I had get my immersion suit on and my tube paccked I start to kick myself out to the sea and the first spot.Very soon I knew that this would not work.
Had no enough power to go against the wind so I decided to let the tube drift and made some casts while I was drifting along the shoreline but wasn´t surprised when I didn´t had a hit on the fly.

After a while I arrived to a small "canal" where it was calm enough to handle the floating tube and also to fish,the canal was so narrow I was able to fish both sides and even if it was meant to just find a sheltered place to fish I think all the fishes was in this canal too,had a lot of them from both sides while I was slowly drifting to the other end and came to a good looking bay,there was an issue,a big issue,it was covered with ice so no fishing there either,the only solution for me was to fish the canal over and over again,you might think it was boring but I can tell you it wasn´t.
Landed something between 10 to 15 pikes at 6 hours,small fishes this time but still I enjoyed every minute.Here is one video recorded from that session.
After that I or let me say my feet needed to get away from that water so next issue was to once again start to splash against the wind but thank god it wasn´t so long,but it was pretty painful with nearly no sense in my feet at all.
Felt very strange to walk from the shore to my car when I couldn´t feel my legs,but after some time and several cups of coffee it was time for the second round,it was shorter,much shorter with just three landed pikes before my feet started to aching that much  I didn´t enjoyed my fishing anymore so I decided to give up.
Forecasts promising some warm weather for the next three weeks so Still some hopes to go out freezing my legs and balls of me.

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