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lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2011

Happy new year.

So it´s seven hours and thirty minutes to go before it´s gonna be 2012.I haven´t done any summary of the last season simply because the season still going on. Just wondering my most memorable moments from 2011. Guess my biggest moment has nothing to do with fishing,I´m talking about my moving to a new place witch I finally call home after many years of travelling at my work. But because fishing is a big part of my life and I have been fishing a lot this year there have been some memorable moments in both good and bad also at sea. Starting with bad/sad things I have to say that the first thing that creeps in my mind is that I have grabbed my spincasting stuff all to easy when I have felt that my flycasting technique hasn´t been good enough in tough weather conditions,that´s one thing I´m gonna work hard with before springtime. The second thing is my loss in fly VS jerk to my brother,well not just the loss but he keeps reminding me about it every now and then :)(just kidding). My probably most memorable time at sea was in late August when I was able to land a gorgeous madam with a length of 116 cm:s and a weight of 8.2 kg:s. There has been a lot of other nice times studying new waters too but also big disappointments too by doing that in form of many blank draws. Well,that´s all for this year,I want to wish all you readers a Happy New Year with bended rods and tight lines for the next year. And remember that even if it´s partytime so don´t party TOO much :)
P.S BTW got me an late Xmas present :)

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  1. Happy new year, Djuza! I’m glad you finally found yourself a real ‘home’, because even fishermen have to go home sooner or later as well (although we try to deny it more often than we should).