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sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2011

Football and cooking.

As some of you already know my second passion behind fishing is football and even if I admit that I have been a Liverpool fan from the early 70´s I use to watch some of other teams "big games" like Sundays game El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona. As the difference from the other games I had my brother visiting me with his wife and daughter so I decided that there must be serving something else than the traditional beer and chips :). After a long thought I decided to make some sandwiches with smoked Salmon and onion and some sandwiches with mushrooms,Wanted to share the recipe of these tasty snacks with you. 1.Chop some smoked Salmon and onion to small pieces.Add some dill.
2.Mix in some sour cream.
3.I´m not sure if you can get this kind of bread in other countries than Finland called Maalahden limppu,if not then any kind will do :).
4.This step is not necessary but it looks better in my opinion.Use a glass or something round to form the bread.
5.Just add the Salmon mix on the bread and put them in your refrigerator for two or three hours before serving.Yammy.....
The mushroom sandwiches are as easy to made like the Salmon breads. Mix some mushrooms and onions and add some chives instead of dill otherwise follow the rest of the recipe.
Something to drink....White wine,red wine or beer...anything goes.It´s all up to you :) P.S Barca won the match 1-3 at Santiago Bernabeu.(no offence to anyone)

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