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maanantai 19. joulukuuta 2011

A bit of fishing and some Body Fibre ties.

Was out fishing with my floating tube on weekend and I have to say it felt heavenly,at least the first two hours,then my left knee said that I don´t want do this anymore Don´t know if it was the cold water or what but anyhow I had to stop my session cause my aching knee. Anyway I landed two pikes 84 cm and 67 cm:s on this short windy and rainy trip,both fishes eat a black/red colored Regret fly witch has been a good color in tough weather conditions.I´m hoping to do this soon again even if I should think about some workout before getting out again :). Have also tied some Transformer flies using Body Fibre and even tested some of them at weekend and I like their smooth movement added with side to side movement also. I have a feeling it was a little bit too cold water for these flies to do their job because my both fishes hit the fly when I had a looooooong stop in stripping the line and with these transformer fly you have to do pretty aggressive strippin if you want that side to side walk witch is the meaning with this fly. Here some latest ties.
Now I think I have some basics done with this pattern and it´s time to start customize this model with some crazy color combos. My local dealer Nordic Angler sent a package of SF-blend in Bleeded Black color witch I think will be a "killer color" in future. Other plans is to tie more Regret flies on tube but not too fast,the winter will be long :).

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