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torstai 29. joulukuuta 2011

About Congo Hair

I have tied the Regret pattern for a while now and it has worked very well,also I have tied Transformer pattern witch also doing good in a bit warmer conditions or when the pike is a bit picky. Have been looking for some new inspiration and yesterday when I was visiting a local store called Spey Clave I saw a interesting pikefly tied by a Finnish guy Markus Männistö. It´s a tubefly tied in some kind of two sections,front and back and I decided to try to tie something like it. After I studied a picture of the fly it was time to decide the materials and after a while i remembered I bought some time ago a material called Congo hair from another of my favourite shops called Nordic Angler. I tried to tie some flies with it then but to be honest I did not felt it very comfortable tying it,but to this fly I had a feeling it would be just good and after this fly in witch I´m very pleased with I think I´m on right track.
The photo isn´t the best of quality but I hope you can see the empty part between the front and back.The aim with it is to make a good balance in stops and to immediately go under the surface after your cast but I think it also makes the fly very easy to cast. I will definitely tie a couple more of these as soon I find the rest colors of this material. I´m still suffering with a terrible internet connection witch can die out now and then and my operator always keep saying Oh yes,we will fix it soon and today I get an message that they promise the problems will be solved third January,hmmm... we will see :). Almost forgot,also tied two Regret pattern flies some days ago,I haven´t tied too many flies in black/yellow color so I decided to fix that thing too.
Fishing with lures the yellow/black combo has worked well in sunny conditions,next summer we will see if the fly version doing same :).

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