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perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2011

My new home.

So,what can I say? Was a little bit sissy and wasn´t fishing last weekend,he forecasts promised this and that,everything from 4-22 m/s wind so I decided not to take any risks and continued with packing instead. While I´m writing this post It will also be my first night here at my new home.Just came from sauna and drinking some coffee AND a glass of cognac,I think i have deserved it. Would have a LOT of things to do but I am simply too tired right now to any physical effort. There hasn´t been any fishing or tying for some days now so why should I not introduce you my new home until I´ll have something sensible to write about. This is my sauna:
And after spending some time in sauna it´s time to take a massagebath,this is my favorite place.
Two toilets....don´t know why but I´m not complaining as the second includes to the price :)
And while I remember,I wonder why the person who has built this place has also built two showers side by side ???
And another place were I think I might spend some times at..A fireplace.
Is there anything else worth to show ??? Well,the kitchen maybe...
That´s were I live for now,wish I could show you a cozy tying corner already but there´s one thing I have sort out first...A big load of boxes and bags waiting for someone to empty them.

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