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tiistai 13. joulukuuta 2011

About Body Fibre.

Have taken a bit easier with getting all my stuff on right places here at home now so there has been also some fly tying while I have checked out what material I have in stock and what materials should be ordered. Watched a tying movie from Youtube here the other day and even if I´m suffering with a VERY !!!! Slow internet connection at the moment I got some inspiration from it (again) It was Niklaus Bauer who tied a fly called transformer fly on tube. On the first one I tried to follow the recipe using SF-blend,on the second one I added some Body Fibre on it´s belly and two latest is tied with only Body fibre and I have to say that I´m very pleased with the result. Not too long ago I was a natural maniac but after I bought this fantastic material I have start tying also syntethics witch give me more options in tying. Body fibre is a material.....don´t know how to describe it but it´s near Slinky Fibre but softer,and it has a natural glow so I have often tied them without any flash. It also have a very nice movement in water if you compare with Slinky. I can really recommend this product to all of you tying Pike flies.I use to buy mine from a shop called Nordic Angler were you can find many more products that you´re not able to get from other stores in Finland,like Bug Bond for example. Here is two latest ties.First one is some kind of traditional color combo. For the second fly I used a color combo from Finlandia lures Nils Master wobbler color 03 and I have some big expectations on this one.

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  1. Hello Johan, very good words and flies, I've never tried tube flies pike. Does it work?

  2. Hola David,got so little experience so I dont know for sure yet but one´s for sure is tat you got more options to choose what kind of hook you wanna use (barbless,long or short shank).
    I have a feeling that I have dropped more fishes with tubes but the reason for that is not absolutely caused by tubes.

  3. Hello Djuza, nice work. I still haven’t got my tube fly kit, but there’s a big fly fair in Belgium in about a month and a half where I will certainly buy one, so after that, you can teach me all about it (if you have a camera and if your internet connection works as it should). I’m really looking forward to that!