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torstai 5. tammikuuta 2012

About tubes.

Have started to tie more and more flies on tube and I think it´s time to compare tubes and ordinary hook flies,whats good and whats bad with them. Want to point out that these thoughts are my own and not some absolutely truth,I don´t have enough experience to give anyone lessons :). Comparing tubes and let´s call them just hooks I find it easier to tie on a tube because I have more space on the "shaft" on tubes,I´m just tying the fly and cut of the rest of the tube witch is impossible on hooks.When I´m tying on hooks I always have to remember to keep the gap open. Of some reason I don´t feel comfortable to tie Zonker strips on tubes,maybe I´ll get over it someday ? Fishing with tubes......As I have told you earlier I have a slight feeling that I have dropped more fishes with tubes but as I also told you earlier I don´t have enough experience to say that it is so,it could be just bad luck or what ever but one thing is for sure,I will continue to fish with tubes,have tried some different hooks and still searching for the "best". The main advantage for tubes is their flexibility,you can wear different hooks,different sizes of them.Use tandem hooks,use barbless or not,all this on the same fly Also you can choose the position of the hook,more back,more in front,it´s all up to you.
One thing that I didn´t found much information about from internet was how to attach your tube to your line so I´m not sure if this is the "right" way have done like this so far but if someone will tell me some another way to do it I would be grateful. First of all I´ll take a nylon coated wire and make a loop in both ends and then melt the nylon with a lighter,oh yes and don´t forget to put a hook of your choice in one of the loops :).
And a photo of the hook+ loop.
Then put a silicon tube on the hook shank.
Then thread the wire trough your tube.....Strength the silicon tube on your fly tube.
Now were have a hook attached to our fly and the next step is to attach it to a mono line witch should have been attached to our fly line with a loop to loop connection. I have used a 60-100 cm long 0.50-0.70 line in witch I have again made loops in both ends. One important thing is to make a loop big enough to thread your fly trough it.
I use to secure the knots with Aquasure glue. Next step is to thread your mono loop through the wire loop.
After that thread the fly+hook through the mono loop.
Now it´s just to tighten the wire and the mono lines and that´s it.
As I said there might be better ways to do this but so far this have worked good enough for me.None of the attachments have let me down so far.

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  1. Hello Djuza! I just started tying tube flies (finally), so thanks for posting this!

  2. Hello Djuza! I just started tying tube flies (finally), so thanks for posting this!