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sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2011

Home building and fly tying

There has been no fishing and very little tying lately but still I have been very busy by building my new place to place that I could call my home. It has been late evenings to came from this:
To this:
Still I have a lot to do but at least you can cook and wash your laundry and things like that,one more important thing for me is that finally the word HOME mean something for me. I talked a time ago with my friend who said it feels wonderful to go home after work and I remember that I thought that I new what it means but now I realize that I din`t,NOW I do,already on my way home from that dirty,noisy,busy city I start feel more and more relaxed when there is less and less cars and finally I´m almost on my own in the traffic,don´t have to worry about finding a parking place or is there much people in the local store,just step in buy what you need,no queuing drive home to your OWN parking place and that´s it. Have also met my neighbour,she seems to be a nice person. I also think that I´ll have to admit that the season is over for me.Even if the sea is not covered with ice yet I don´t think that there will be time for fishing until springtime because I really want to get my home ready first. Finally I want to tell you that there has been some fly tying too,not much but at least something to let the greedy buggers put their teeth in next spring,and there will be a lot more to come.
Both flies is basically tied by Niklaus Bauers recipe transformer fly.The first one is tied with SF Blend and the second also includes SF Blend but added some Body Fibre to give some extra movement in the water

3 kommenttia:

  1. It looks like a nice place you have there Djuza!
    Oh, and if you have a new camera, I’m ready when you are…

  2. Congratulations for new house, when all the boxes you'll have time to tying flies.

  3. Thanks guys,Stefaan I haven´t got a new cam yet but I have in plans to get one before Christmas,now I´m struggling with a hopless internet connection but it should be solved next week,at least I´ve had been promised so :)