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sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2011

After Christmas feelings.

Who would have know a month ago that it wouldn´t be any snow or more precisely ice covered water here in southern Parts of Finland and the latest forecasts promising snow in February!!! Last year we had over 50 cm:s snow at this time and now nothing at all.Don´t get me wrong,I´m not complaining,I´m getting along very well without that white shit falling down. Instead we have had some rain,rain,rain and rain at some parts in southern Finland over 100 ml in a month,that´s more then in over 50 years Still I haven´t done too many trips as i would have wanted to cause of the very windy conditions,my removal and busy times at work. Now I have three days off duty but winds up to 23 m/s will keep me inside or somewere else but NOT on sea. So what is there to do? After some heavy eating yesterday I didn´t felt too well this morning so i decided to take a walk and at same time it would be great to examine my new village and the surrounding area and found a small river not too far from where I live,wonder if there´s any fishes in it.
At least the water level was high,wonder how it looks when it´s normal. Well,Santa brought me some stuff for my tying corner including a new "old school" lamp (love it)and a painting of Finlands oldest lighthouses and a box included some nice stuff like a string with a smell of tar,it gives a wonderful smell in my tying "corner".
felt very inspirated so I tied some flies but I havent take a photo of them all but here´s one tied with bucktail,added some Big Fly fibre and red and black flash. Then added some SF-Blend in Bleeding black color,ended up with Finn Raccoon in kingfisher blue color,now watching this fly I think red would have been better,anyway,it was nice to use some natural material after a long pause. Have to say about this fly that it´s looks better in natural then on photo :/

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  1. Hello Johan, very nice flies table and blue/red fly.
    Greetings David