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keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010


Finally I´ve managed to tie a fly in which I´m very happy with.This time I had a plan and decided to take ONLY the materials that I planned to use.
As i wroted yesterday I prefer natural materials instead of syntethics so most of this fly is tied with natural materials.

First of all pink bucktail to give volym to the fly,then white icelandic sheep blended with pearl coloured ice wing,then again icelandic sheep white blended with pink and ice wing.
4 pieces of microbarb feathers,black icelandic sheep and steelgray polarfibre and red artic fox.
All this tied on a TMC 911s 3/0 hook,watch out pikes,this fly is a real piketeaser :)

P.S The background was also very carefully thought

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