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lauantai 22. tammikuuta 2011

Colour combos

Watching my fly boxes and noticed that I really dont have much different colour combos,just the "traditional"ones.Thats the reason why I`m gonna tie some weird/unusual combos.
It´s not so easy to do as it sounds like but after some thinking and wondering I found out some interesting combos for example blue/yellow witch combo I loaned from Buster jerks "slowhand" Jaakko Ilkka.
Also as long i remember I have to show you another photo of the fly from my last posting after it has been wet down in warm water,it changes the profile a lot.

I don´t know why but I tied my "slowhand" fly also with bucktail and before a dip in warm water it look like this.

And after a warm bath the fly looks totally different.

It feels pretty difficult to imagine how the fly might look after the bath but I feel that these two looks okay,they will probably get their chances in the spring witch seems to be all too far away.

Now I think it´s time to tie up some more traditional...Allready got somthing in my mind.

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  1. That’s fluffy fluff, Djuza!
    By the way, did you receive my mail (I used google friends connect, because I didn’t have your email)?

  2. Hi Steefan.
    No,i didn´t recive your email,I dont know how to use google friends,it has something to do with my email adress,google doesn´t recognize it or something like that could not join linkedin either.
    But you can send me mail to: