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lauantai 27. lokakuuta 2012


Had high hopes for this weekend,was really looking forward to go out fishing with my floating tube,but the first setback came on Friday morning in form of snow and a temp around -3 to -4 degrees.I could have get along with that but Saturday morning temp -10,6 degrees and snow was too much to handle.
That,including a massive headache made me drop back in bed.
I was lying in bed with big feelings tumblin inside me,none of my thought was positive.Sadness,rage,depression...I just can´t describe...Is it over once again for....at least FUCKIN FIVE !!!!! months now ?

My brother was out fishing from boat and a call to him ensured me my fears,there is ice here and there already.

Lying and staring at my roof...No use to be in bed either,stood up and get to my bedroom window and start to staring again.......

Fuckin shit...it´s October.......Made me some coffee....shift from window to TV and my staring continued.....

Every year the same thing,first weeks without fishing I feel like could kill myself.
I have tried to think out something positive from this but have to admit it´s hard right now,well...our always reliable forecasts promising some warm weather next week,maybe there still hope for a reasonable season end in sight.Have to put my high hopes a bit further to next weekend...

And as a end of this nagging I´ll introduce a new tie...Hope you readers didn´t had a bad day as I....

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  1. Hello, in Spain we have a north wind and we have +10 degrees. It´s similar ...

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