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torstai 2. kesäkuuta 2011

Testing new tubes in Lovisa.

I vent to Lovisa on Wednesday evening and because I was pretty late at my cottage so I went straight out to fish or to be exact my main thing was to test my new tubes.
As I told you earlier the forecast didn´t promise to good weather for fishing and for a while I was able to do some testing without any fishes disturbing.

After the sunset the fishes activated them self a bit but no one attacked my fly with any rage so even if there was some fishes tasting my flies I could land only one fish.
At least the flies seems to work and thats good.

Woke up this morning before 6.00 am so I was out fishing sometime near 7am.
I had a small breeze helping my morning fishing and I had some contacts but could not land a single fish,I don´t know if it was the hooks (TMC 600sp 3/0)or the lacy fishes
but I´m not concerned for now,have heard reports from some of my friends of lacy fishes so I think my flies deserves another chance.
Anyway,the result for todays six hours fishing was cheerless:after the sunrise the fishing became very difficult,just one landed fish and had no more then 4 or 5 contacts.

Met my cottage neighbour this morning and we talked about were we gonna fish,I had two places in my mind and decicded for one of them and my neighbour who got a very small boat decide for the other wich is nearer our islet and met him again this afternoon and he showed me some photos of two beautiful pikes around 3-4 kilos....
Life isn´t fair......Well,maybe next time.

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