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lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

That´s it !!!

I can´t understand why I am so stupid that I don´t learn from so many mistakes.
I don´t remember how many times I have tried to tie flash-flies and always disappointed with the result,so even today.

One big mistake was to try to tie these fuckin flash-flies was that I was a little bit irritated because after many coincideces I din´t went fishing today,next try will be on Sunday,IF the weather allow.
Anyway,I made a promise to myself that there won´t be flash-flies for a very long time now.
Here´s a photo of the beauty.

After this shit I took a cup of coffee and decided to just tie some normal tubes but I just wasn´t in right mood so except these two new ones I still have to rely on my old tubes and of course my Regret flies too even if they are a little bit tricky to get deeper,even with a sink 3 line,the water temp has raised to near 20 degrees (celsius) so I think I´ll need to get deep if I want to get somebody to play with.

Well,the clock is 0.40pm witch mean that I have to get some sleep because I`ll have much to do tomorrow.
Hopefully I can write about a fishing trip on Sunday,here is the other flies that I tied today.

BTW as you can see they aren´t ready yet,they still need a epoxy head and some finishing.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Cheer up, Djuza! Flash flies are usually tied around Christmas. So it’s a purely natural incident that you’re experiencing now. This time of the year, the sunlight is just to bright to tie these suckers.

  2. Thanks for your words of condolence,I´m just getting so pissed of when I watch those videos on and on and think I found out what I´m doing wrong and still the result is...what it is :)).
    And yes,you are right.I need to go fishing :)