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torstai 16. kesäkuuta 2011

Intermission news.

Have been too busy to write anything lately,actually been so busy I haven´t had time to tie a single fly.
But finally tomorrow I will go to my cottage for the whole weekend and the forecasts sounds very promising so my expectations are sky high.

Got my custom line last Monday and can´t hardly wait to test it in real conditions.
It´s made of a Vision ACE running line and Visions DH shooting head with hardly no front taper at all,very aggressive and short.
The weight of the shooting head is around 25-26 grams so its pretty heavy but I think at least my Vision GT4 rod can handle it.

I have also examined the map looking for some nice places to fish from my floating tube.
Talked with a guy who doing a lot of trips with a tube and it would be really great to do some trips with such experienced guy.
Have already found some good looking places for the golden Autumnfishing.

I´m really looking forward for this weekend because I will have my younger daughter with me fishing after a long break due to her teenage intrests :).
That´s all for now,after I finally had an easier day at work I´m busy with babysitting my older daughters cat while she´s at work,but this is really fun.

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