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sunnuntai 12. kesäkuuta 2011

Fishing 12.6 2011

As I told you in my earlier post I was at a barbeque party yesterday so today on Sunday I wasn´t so early out fishing but started from the dock about 10am and went home 5.30pm
so there was a lot of fishing anyway.
Didn´t check out on any forecasts at all but it was almost tropical weather conditions so I was looking for a nice day out on the sea but had not big expectations about play with any fishes,but why not wash your lines and flies while you enjoying the sun.
Anyway,I started as usual in these conditions on the windy side,well...windy meant 3-4 m/s so it was almost calm.
I fished for a couple of hours without a single hit,took a cup of coffee and tried again with smaller flies and faster line stripping but nothing seemed to help.

Also noticed that I was a little bit irritated,not because of the fishless sea but
I don´t know....too many of small things like the line slipped from my fingers in backcast or knots/mess ups on my line or dropped the whole line from my line basket

So,after a couple of hours line wash I decided to check out a small sheltered bay and after 15 min driving and a quick coffeebreak (I drink too much coffee I know)I started my line wash again and kept going for a while when i thought it was time to find out what I´m doing wrong and do something to it.
First of all,I had fished with small flies(4-5 inches long)and changed to bigger flies (6-8 inches).
Next step was to use a sink 3 line to get my flies go deep faster.
I was just about to make my first cast with new specs when it suddenly hit me what was wrong,and it was very simple to see.
The bay where I was fishing was surrounded by trees and I was on the wrong side of it because the sun shined on it from the middle to the shore.
On the other side of the bay the trees made a small shadowed area from the shore to almost middle of the bay.(very difficult to explain in English because of my language skills,hope you understand what I mean).
So before my first cast I drove to the shadowed side of the bay and felt good because my skin was slowly turning red in the sunshine.
First cast and....no,not a hit but a small breeze witch broke the calm surface made me feel hopefull that this will not be a blank draw trip.slowly retrieving the line...was there somebody tasting my fly...no,a stone...or...no it wasn´t nothing.
Second cast,20 meter away close to a bed of reed,immediately BANG,the first fish was landed about a minute from that.
The water conditions was so warm I didn´t play with the fish at all so it would have a chance to survive the stress,took a photo of it in the water and was able to test my new baker pliers,they worked well.

It was a small one but it felt good because I had found fishes and felt it was more than just luck.
After that I changed my fly and my mind was filled with joy.
I fished for a while with nothing to report and decided ti might be time to give up because my skin was RED !!!! now.Changed back to my orange/chartreuse Regret fly and lift the anchor and let the wind carries the boat.
At the end of the bay I get my second for today,this was a small one too and I lift it up from the water just to release it and goodbye,it was nice to meet you....

After that it really was time to quit and once again drive home feeling happy and relaxed.
Funny how some trips just are more memoriable than others even if the fishes aren´t big,even small things can make your day.

Tomorrow I will have my custom line but watching the forecasts it might take some time before I´m able to test it(thunder,rain and wind).

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