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torstai 3. helmikuuta 2011

Tying Ice wing II

Even if the snow is falling down from the sky and everything is gray and gloomy I can see it,I can smell it and I can feel it...The spring,it´s coming slowly but surely but all my big plans I had for the winter time it seems that I don´t gonna have time to fullfill my plans bout a tying corner,jerkbait building.
Even my plan to tie some flies every single day is ruined due to the snow situation in Helsinki,it has been a hell of a winter.

Anyway,I´m starting to wake up from my winter lethargy and spending more time behind the tying vise then my couch or bed and now when I yesterday recived my order from Mistpool with some hooks and other tying materials I hope that I can show you some new flies more often.

My yesterdays delivery included a LOT of Craft fur witch might be my next weeks theme,and NO,I still prefer naturals before syntethics,it´s just that I want to learn to tie some good flies with different materials so it´s practice and even more practice so I hope that someday I´ll have some trust in syntethics also.
Here is some flies made of Ice wing that I tied yesterday and soon they will have some epoxy heads done and after that I think it will be Craft fur time.(if i dont change my plans again after reading my new Pohjolan perhokalastaja magazine)

And BTW:Tied on a Tiemco 8089 #2 and their lenght is around 10cm:s (4 inches).

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